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Skinade: Better skin from within

11 May 2018

There’s a rumour that beauty comes from within. Far from being a fantasy or a fairy tale, Skinade products available at Alchemist Skin Lounge & Clinic actually make this possible. Read on to find out…

What is Skinade?

Skinade is a drinkable technology that just happens to be one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available anti-ageing skincare products available today.

Why do I need it?

Collagen is a vital ingredient to healthy skin. It’s something that our bodies produce naturally however, the sad reality is this: as you age you start producing less and less of it. In fact, this reduction begins in your early 20s! Age, stress and environmental factors all contribute to the fact that by your 50s your collagen levels are typically down by 50%.

However, the great news is that Skinade contains active ingredients that aim to boost your natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. Drinking Skinade on a daily basis helps to return your body to a younger state of collagen production.

Interested in the science? Essentially, the Skinade formula utilises high-grade collagen peptides and essential micronutrients which are designed to replace your lost collagen. In an independent trial 86% of the test group reported healthier and better skin after 60 days – an incredible improvement!

Just one Skinade drink a day should speed up your skincare regime, giving you a glowing complexion and a more youthful appearance and you’ll be pleased to know it also tastes nice and comes in both peach and mango flavours!

Beauty is not just skin deep – if you want healthy, youthful skin for the long haul it’s vital to care for your skin from the inside out. Thankfully with Skinade, that’s exactly what you get!

Where can I get Skinade?

Get better skin from within… this comprehensive, results-driven approach offered by Skinade is only available from skincare professionals like Alchemist Skin Lounge & Clinic.

If you are looking for healthier skin with a glowing complexion, we’d love to help. Visit Alchemist Skin Lounge & Clinic and let us take care of all your skincare needs. Call 0114 266 7272 or email info@alchemistaesthetics.co.uk to start your skincare journey today. We offer a free 15 minute consultation either in clinic or over the phone to help guide you through the best options to meet your skincare goals.

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