Micro-needling, is a minimally invasive technique that consists of generating micro-channels in the skin and the topical application of active substances. Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Micro-needling can be used for the face and body treating the appearance of scarring such as acne and stretch marks, fine lines and enhancing the overall texture, tone and appearance of the skin.


During the procedure, the micro punctures activate the release of growth factors, produce a stimulation of the fibroblasts and favour the production of elastin, collagen I, III & IV. These micro-lesions also activate the skin’s natural repair mechanisms and, as a result of this, reduce the skins recovery time.

Through these micro-channels there is a better absorption of topically applied active substances, taking them to a deeper level of the skin, enhancing rejuvenation, multiplying their efficacy and efficiency and maximising results.

The movement of the micro needles of our pen is automatic, constant and perpendicular to the skin, helping to minimise occasional discomfort and improve skin recovery.

To maximise your micro-needling results even further we offer a choice of an exclusive line of cocktails of active substances that provide customised solutions for facial and body aesthetic concerns.

These highly concentrated cocktail formulas are designed to guarantee a high level of therapeutic response. The great variety of active substances included in these cocktails encourage natural cell repair whilst palliating changes to the skin tissue.


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Alchemist offers a free, no obligation consultation to ensure that all of your questions are answered and results explained. A complimentary review will give us the opportunity to assess and fine tune your results if necessary to ensure a 5 star service.

All new clients must have a consultation to discuss possible treatment and assess suitability.

We cannot treat those who are pregnant, breast feeding or under the age of 18.

We ask for a £25 treatment booking fee to confirm your appointment, this will be deducted from your treatment cost and kept only in the event of a ‘no show’