Feel Full Faster!
Kill the Cravings!
Reduce Portion Sizes!

Alchemist offer a medically led weight loss programme that has been designed to help you achieve maximum weight loss in the least amount of time as possible with minimum effort.

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Our 3 weekly medically led weight loss programme will enable you to adhere to a diet of around 500 calories per day, helping you to shed those extra pounds,fast!

1.  Feel Full Faster - a hormone released into your blood stream will suppress your appetite, making you feel full and satisfied, by reducing your calorie intake you are able to rapidly lose weight.

2. Kill the Cravings - by effectively balancing your blood sugars the peaks and troughs throughout the day are removed, helping you to resist high sugar and high fat foods, allowing your body to use stored fat as energy. This means you can safely consume small portions without experiencing the undesired effects of starvation mode.

3. Reduce Portion Sizes - increasing the time it takes for your stomach to empty will help you to continue to feel full and satisfied throughout the day, thus reducing portion sizes whilst burning those calories and unwanted fat.

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TREATMENT TIME 45 minutes consultation

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Alchemist offers a free, no obligation consultation to ensure that all of your questions are answered and results explained. A complimentary review will give us the opportunity to assess and fine tune your results if necessary to ensure a 5 star service.

All new clients must have a consultation to discuss possible treatment and assess suitability.

We cannot treat those who are pregnant, breast feeding or under the age of 18.

We ask for a £25 treatment booking fee to confirm your appointment, this will be deducted from your treatment cost and kept only in the event of a ‘no show’