Logo for Save Face which states "The Sign of Safe Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments"

What does Save Face accreditation mean for our clients?

Are you thinking of having a non-surgical cosmetic treatment but nervous about choosing a practitioner? We have good news for you! We are proud to be part of the Save Face accreditation with Save Face accredited practitioners. But what does this mean for you?

skin pigmentation sun spots and melasma

The reason behind uneven complexion… and what to do about it!

When it comes to skin, the signs of ageing can start appearing sooner than you might think. You may not have deep frown lines or crow’s feet just yet, but uneven skin tone is one of the major signs of ageing. Yes, those big, uneven brown patches that can develop on your face and other…

Christmas Beauty Gifts in Sheffield

Give yourself the gift of gorgeous this Christmas!

Looking your best this Christmas might well mean starting now – why not treat yourself this year with Alchemist Aesthetics…

Skinade collagen drinks

Skinade: Better skin from within

Skinade is a drinkable technology that just happens to be one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available anti-ageing skincare products available today.

Discover the most attractive lip shape

Discover the most attractive lip shape

Do you need help with your facial symmetry? Are you looking for the fuller lower lip that helped elevate Kylie Jenner’s career? Is your desire for one of our most requested lip shapes, Taylor’s heavily defined cupid’s bow?

LED Laser Light Facials

See the light with our Laser Light Facials

Our Laser Light Facials are becoming more and more popular as our clients experience the benefits that they can bring.